What a strange day it was! She was wearing black...
She never wears black.
Mom entered my room early in the morning 
"Honey, remember I told you someone was going to heaven soon?" she says quietly.
What a strange day! Everybody knew he was going to die, and now, I don't even feel like anybody died. Should I be sad? Maybe I should cry. 
What would Batman do?
Well, Batman doesn't cry. But Batman doesn't even have a family, so he probably doesn't count.
Mom left, I go to her room. 
She's not there, but there's a book on her nightstand...
Maybe we shoudn't be so sad after all...Wait a second.  Does that mean I'm the one with "the cancer"?
I mean, I'm fine! I do sometimes have pretty bad stomachaches, but I know I don't have "the cancer".
I'll have to keep reading...

"The first stage involves denial, or the refusal to accept our diagnosis or perhaps prognosis. It doesn't matter what type of cancer you have, you are most likely going to refuse to believe it..."
It's been a couple months since I first realized I have "the cancer". I think I'm past the denial stage now.
I've been keeping it a secret from my mother, she doesn't need to know.
But days have become pretty difficult. I don't even play with my toys anymore.
They're all made for non-cancer kids.

The only thing I can do at this point is prepare to die and follow the advice of the sunflower book.
"In the final stage, we live and manifest the phases of our struggle to finally close the circle of the disease, and so that both our family and us can learn to accept destiny with peace and tranquility."
It's been a year since I discovered I'm sick. Now my check-ups will show the truth to my mom and I will be dead like my grandfather.
We left the doctor's office but mom didn't say anything until I asked.

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