Lenny Letter · Editorial Illustrations
These are some of the illustrations I've been lucky enough to create for Lenny Letter for several of their issues from 2015—2017.
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AD: Laia Garcia & Molly Elizalde
Lenny Letter No. 133 "When a “Routine” Exam Feels Like an Assault" by Barbara Ehrwnreich
Lenny Letter No. 99  "The System Failed My Cousin" by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton

Lenny Letter No. 88  "Flying Solo" by Brooke Barker
Lenny Letter No. 79  "Bonus Moms" by Gillian Jacobs
Lenny Letter No. 70  "Brave" by Amy Silverman 
Lenny Letter No. 60  "Transforming Pain Into Power" by Ai-jen Poo 

Lenny Letter No. 56  "The Ephemerides" by Laia Garcia & Letter No. 41 "The Freedom of a Ponytail" by Keah Brown
Lenny Letter No. 33  "In Sickness, Health, and Bangs" by Caroline Kepnes


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