HBO Max Pa’lante!​​​​​​​
I was commissioned to animate and illustrate the first section of a "tapiz" for the launch of HBO Max Pa’lante!
The HBO Max Pa’lante! manifesto was divided in four and assigned to Latinx artists with different styles.
HBO Max Pa’lante! is an evergreen initiative led by HBO/HBO Max Multicultural Marketing team to empower the Latinx community and elevate Latinx talent and relevant HBO Max programming. ​​​​​​​
Katty Huertas  00:01–00:19
Carolina Lopez Corominas 00:19 – 00:40
Daniel Moreno  00:40 – 01:00
COVL & Katty Huertas  01:00 – 01:30
Voice: Cristela Alonzo
Agency: Virtue
Producer: Jenn Gore
Client: HBO Max 
PRESS:  Press release · Variety · Deadline
Social Media Launch
For social media the tapiz was broken into sections and paired with illustrations that would create a beautiful grid for Instagram. Each artist illustrated a floor of "la vecindad" in which the video played through the windows. Below is mine.
Style frames & Process


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