The Woofker Post is a newspaper from an alternate universe in which humans are not the leading species and animals have control of everything. According to its mission the Woofker Post is a "non-partisan newspaper with its headquarters in Caltimore, AM. It has a diverse team of writers and editors that come from different backgrounds and species."
For this five-month-long project, I decided to design a newspaper to mirror our society in an animal world through a neutral newspaper to help raise awareness of animal cruelty. 
The majority of the writing is original with some real-world news being adapted to fit the universe. For the design I took inspiration from old newspapers as well as Victorian aesthetics. In this world minimalism is a thing of the past.
2019 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Top Talent: Print/Graphic
2019 AIGA Flux: Publication
2019 Communication Arts: Illustration Shortlist

Along with the copy, all the illustrations were created with the news in mind. Some were intended to look like photographs while others to look like editorial illustrations. Below are some of the details of a printed copy as well as the individual illustrations.
To make this project more real, the newspaper was  places in what would be a "real" setting, with an animal reading it while he has breakfast. Another prop, this milk carton, was also designed to make this universe more believable. 


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