Photo via AP
Women’​​​​​​​s March Art Build 2019

I was part of the Women’s March 2019 Art Build Team along with some talented artists. The team was lead by Rose Jaffe,  Kate Deciccio and Ahmane Glover composed by Vy Vu, Tracie Ching, Jen White-Johnson and Amir Khadar. Together we had the task to create impactful and significant art that represented the march’s agenda in only 12 days.
We decided on having 3 pieces per agenda: a horizontal 25 feet long banner, a vertical banner and a sculptural heart. Additionally, we created the front banner and two vertical "wave" banners to walk on each side of it.​​​​​​​
Jen and I designed the vertical banners that contained the agenda’s name, these were later projected, hand-painted by the team and rigged for the protest.
Photo by Jennifer White-Johnson
Photo by Jennifer White-Johnson
Tracie, Jen and I also collaborated in the design and creation of the 25 feet wide agenda item banners that were digitally printed. Here are some of the designs.
Besides the work here, Amir created amazing capes and hand-dyed "waves" and Tracie designed laser-cut hands with messages in them. You can read more about our process here, watch us in the news here and see our art in the march here!


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