​​​​​​​Art Direction
As the art director for The Washington Post's travel section By The Way, I commission illustrators for article art following the brand's color palette. Occasionally, I also work alongside photo editors to art direct photoshoots.
Bellow are some of my favorite pieces.
Find the illustrators and photographer's names under each piece.
Randy Mora
Max Guther
Karlotta Freier, Meredith Miotke, and Jennifer Dahbura
Ana Albero
Allie Sullberg
Min Heo for “The Upgrade” series
Margaret Flately
Kaitlin Brito
Dani Choi
Cynthia Kittler
Alan Berry Rhys for a series about budgeting in different cities
Jeff Elkins
Photo Illustrations
I also create in-house photo illustrations for quick turnaround pieces.
The graphics are shown in the Post's Select app and the illustrations are used as tease images for articles as well as used for social media posts and print.


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