Inspired by the Brothers Grimm and how they collected and published German folk tales to preserve the tradition, I designed covers for 7 Colombian myths and legends. 
All of these myths and legends include a spooky element and sometimes deal with death, betrayal or revenge. Since the stories are already loaded with darkness, I wanted to keep the colors light and playful to contrast with the content. 
Each cover also has its own typeface as to reflect more of the story. In most cases the type was given a treatment as so to match the visual language of the illustration.
2019 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Top Talent: Illustration
3x3 Student Show: Honorable Mention
The Mountain Mother
or “La Madremonte”
This legend is a story about a woman dressed in leaves and branches who lives in the middle of the forest. She takes care of the rain, wind and generally protects nature. She is know to go after hunters and lumberjacks.
The Weeping Woman
or  “La Llorona” 
The tragic legend of "La Llorona" or the Weeping Woman tells the story of a woman who lost her children and can still be heard crying for her offspring at nights. Some say she drowned her children and is being punished for her actions. She might bring misfortune to those around her.
The Big Hat Man or  
“El Sombreron” 
While no one knows who he really is. "El Sombreron" or the Big Hat Man is a mysterious man that wears a big hat and rides a black horse. While he doesn't hurt anyone, the ghost terrorizes towns only by being there.

The Candileja or  
“La Candileja” 
Punished in the afterlife for spoiling her grandsons by giving them everything the ever wanted, the Candileja is now a floating flame that goes after drunks, unfaithful men and irresponsible fathers.
The Big Fang Woman
or  “La Muelona”
Known to be a beautiful woman, "La Muelona" or the Big Fang Woman, uses her beauty to attract men. Once they have fallen in love with her she attacks them with her sharp teeth. It is also rumored that she prefers unfaithful men and gamblers.
Alligator Man or  
“El Hombre Caiman” 
“El Hombre Caiman” or Alligator Man tells the story of a man turned half-man-half-alligator by a witch as punishment for spying on naked women. A folk story intended to scare anyone into doing the same is still relevant today.


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