SELF-ISH deals with social issues that perpetuate double standards, ownership inequalities and gender. With comical undertones that range from literal to conceptual, the goal of this series is to shine a light on the different standards for women. By painting self-portraits, I'm confronting my image, against what society expects. 
SELF-ISH color palate consists mostly of pastels because even though the subject matter is gloomy, the final pieces aim to attract people like candy.
This series is acrylic on canvas and was completed between 2015—2016.
What Are You Seeing?, 2015
30'' x 24''
Left to right:  Not Seeing Double, 2016 28'' x 22''  | Because, Why Not?,  2016, 40'' x  30''
Left to right:  Through the Canvas, 2016 11'' x 14''  | Backwards,  2016, 20'' x 16''
Left to right:  Broken Mirror, 2015, 20'' x 16'' | Can You See Right Through Me?  2015, 20'' x 16'' | Confrontation, 2015, 20'' x 16''
Left to right:  Mirror, Mirror, 2016, 30'' x 24'' | Hiding, 2016, 20'' x 16''
Blurriness, 2016
20'' x 16''
The photos below were taken at LEDBaltimore, when some of the pieces from Self-ish were displayed.


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